Product Care

The maintenance of your sunglasses is important to us. We want you to enjoy your sunglasses for as long as possible. So please carefully read the following tips and tricks and follow our 4 step approach to a clean set of sunglasses.


Tips & tricks:

  • Always keep your sunglasses safely stored in the provided microfiber pouch or case.
  • Only use the microfiber pouch to clean your glasses, avoid using material such as paper towel.
  • Always put your sunglasses away with the lenses face upwards, to prevent scratches on your lenses.
  • Avoid places with extreme temperatures, dashboards of cars in the sun or the rooftop of a car, frames can break and lenses can disconnect due to the heat.
  • Check whether the lenses or cleaning pouch have any sand or other stingy material on them before you start to clean!
  • Avoid alcohol based substances as well as salt, chloride water and sweat. These substances can damage the mirror coating.


In order to make sure nothing goes wrong we have created the following 4 step approach to keep your sunglasses in tip-top shape.

4-step approach

  • Note: if your sunglasses have been in contact with alcohol based substances, salt and/or chloride water or sweat; start at step 1, if not start at step 2.

Step 1: Rinse your lenses with water (do not rub or polish them yet!).

Step 2: Blow firmly over and against your lenses to make sure that no sand or other hard pieces are left on them.

Step 3: Make sure the blueprint pouch is clean and sand free.

Step 4: Breath on your glasses, so they seem fogged, then use the clean pouch to polish the lenses, thereby removing any remaining dirt/grease from the glasses.



Boom, you’ve done it! Clean and fresh sunglasses to chase the sun with!